Meditative Massage Session

Massage méditatif

The energetic touch in meditative massage is a major method of opening awareness and a concrete opportunity to practice tantra . To approach non-duality we will use the energy (Shakti) consciousness (Shiva) which in their interaction will eventually lead to the experience of Spanda (free power which enlightens, gives life and movement to all that exists). The sexual energy is then reintegrated into our vital energy of creativity, source of pleasure, of fulfillment.

In meditative massage , a space of silence opens up where the mind can eventually calm down. The proposed path is to go from fear to love, from ignorance to knowledge by touching in consciousness, without intention. It is mostly about letting things happen rather than wanting.

The meditative massage brings us into unspeakable spaces of intimacy with oneself and with each other. The heart opens, each cell vibrates with ecstasy. An unlimited field of possibilities manifests itself. The purpose of this massage is to reclaim one’s body, to unify its scattered pieces, to find innocence, to let life and love transform us in the present moment. It is above all a great tool for growth and self-knowledge.

After an interview and with your consent, all parts of the body are massaged with respect and tenderness. The objective is to relieve the guilt of pleasure, to heal injured areas, to separate orgasm from pleasure, to accept desire and pleasure without sexual purposes. This massage retains all its potential even if some areas are not touched.

Objectives of meditative massage:

  • Heal, express yourself, contact your inner power.
  • Install non-judgment, the acceptance of one’s being in its totality.
  • Be in love for yourself and respect for who you are.
  • Awaken the senses beyond preconceived ideas, patterns and internal conflicts.
  • Be present to the sensitivity, without effort, respecting the vulnerability and the limits of each one.
  • Share the moment, aimlessly and without waiting
  • Taming the desire
  • Rediscover pleasure, innocence, simplicity
  • Open to creativity

This meditative massage can be received as a couple, in this case Joe Jam will also massage.

It has no connotation of sexual service or therapeutic aims. It is a relaxing well-being massage.


Montreal, address given when making an appointment.


The massage itself lasts about 1 hour 45 minutes, allow 2 hours 30 minutes with the welcome, a brief interview, the final feedback and the shower.


Couple: 400$