3 days Tantra for women

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“The woman who returns to her instinctual and creative nature will come back to life.” C. Pinkola Estes

3 days among women to celebrate sisterhood, nourish the feminine and explore the powerful, wild women we are at heart. Every woman holds the key to a freer life, liberated from patriarchal diktats, beliefs and fears; at heart, she is in possession of her desire. We will work at loving our bodies just as they are, cultivate our sensuality, awaken our senses and our creative, ecstatic potential while learning to appease our relationships.

The container

A welcoming, caring, stimulating sisterhood respectful of each participant.

Deva and Elise are committed to ensuring a container that is structured, reliable, confidential and yet flexible where women feel heard, welcomed and cared for.

Self respect, respect for other participants, security, non-judgement, kindness, tenderness toward oneself, joy, and last but not least, humour!


  • To lighten the weight of inherited images and past sufferings. To meet the woman you are here and now, become aware of unconscious patterns and patriarchal diktats. To detach yourself from limiting roles and unconscious identifications.
  • To transform your experiences into treasures, to cultivate self-love.
  • To open the heart space and welcome your wounds, transforming them into joy.
  • To feel good in your body, to stand tall with both your scars and blessings, to be strong yet gentle.
  • To reconsider the representations you have of your body. Discover and love your vulnerability and reconcile with your body.
  • To discover the ressources of your feminine nature.
  • To meet and get to know the masculine inside you; appease your relationship with your partner (be he/she a man or woman), to create an alliance between the masculine and feminine in yourself in order to be less dependent on the outside world and on your relationships.
  • To share your knowledge of “being a woman”, to gain depth, meaning, well-being and vital energy. To develop the awareness and energy of the wise woman.
  • To cultivate a fulfilling, creative and nourishing sexual and sensual life that irrigates the heart’s energy.
  • To examine the construction of your erotic body, traverse its sufferings in order to arrive at more pleasure, desire and love for yourself and others.
  • To feel the pride and pleasure of being an accomplished woman.

The Means

This workshop will focus on sisterhood and seeks to help women tune in to what is trying to emerge in their lives and discern what they need to let go of. Depending on the group’s energy, a number of activities will be proposed: sacred circles for speaking, dancing, active meditations, psycho-corporel and therapeutic exercises, socratic questioning and relational exercises, art therapy, etc.


L’autre versant
180 Chemin Tamaracouta, Mille-Isles, QC J0R 1A0, Canada

Dates and time

Dates and times communicated shortly.

It’s possible to arrive Thursday evening

An email with details will be send to you after booking.


300 $ – deposit to register: 150 $*

Special Offer: To benefit from the « earlybird » fare of 260 $, register before August 25 – Full payment at registration in this case*

*Please note that deposit is not refundable

Please note also that this price does not include lodging and food which you’ll have to book separately at « L’autre Versant » Prices ranges according to the type of room selected.

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More informations


1. Send a mail to devabroncy@gmail.com to reserve your place by indicating your first name, last name and number phone.

2. To guarantee your seats, make an Interac transfer to massagemeditatif@gmail.com

  • Either 150$
  • Or $ 260 before August 31 to benefit from the earlybird rate

People who have booked without having given a deposit are not guaranteed a place.