week-end Tantra for couples

From Friday october 18 evening to Sunday 20 evening

Tantra offers concrete methods for couples to live more fully and explore the potential of the amorous relationship.  Certain techniques coming from tantra can nourish intimacy and sexuality by bringing more awareness to both and hence increasing satisfaction.

This workshop is for couples regardless of their sexual orientation, or level of tantra experience.  During this day each couple will work exclusively in its pair.

We will suggest practices that aim to:

  • Free you of frustrations left over from past relationships
  • Boost your creativity and desire
  • Bring novelty and freshness into your relationship
  • Leave behind societal pressures to perform
  • Grow the experience of sexuality beyond the genitals
  • Help you explore the art of living in couple, your capacity to be emotionally touched and to live fully in the present moment, to communicate better and be more implicated, intimate and vulnerable.

These practices are mostly experiential and are organised around breath work, movement, role-playing and developing sensual potential by slowing down, surrendering, connecting with your partner in confidence, developing an intimate relationship with yourself and your partner.

As a couple, Joe et Deva catalyse their understanding and experiences to help participants make positive changes in their relationships.

These practices are held in a safe container so that each participant can advance at his or her pace, without violence or trauma. Participants will be nudged to go beyond their comfort zones while respecting physical and psychic limits.  There is no genital sexuality in this workshop.


L’autre versant
180 Chemin Tamaracouta, Mille-Isles, QC J0R 1A0, Canada

Date and time

From friday 6 pm to sunday 6 pm

An email with details will be send to you after booking.

Cost per couple

1 couple : 400$ – deposit 200$ to register* 

Special Offer: To benefit from the “earlybird” fare of 350$, register before August 25 – Full payment at registration*

*Please note that if you cancel, deposit will not be paid back and that these prices are for one couple (for the 2 personnes)

More information:
Deva Broncy

I register!

1. Send a mail to devabroncy@gmail.com in order to book your participation mentionning your surname, name and mobile number

2. To secure your participation, proceed to payment via Paypal by clicking on “Buy Now”

If you book without deposit we can’t warranty your participation!