Meditative Massage Session

The energetic touch of meditative massage is a key method for expanding awareness and a concrete opportunity to practice tantra.  With a non-dualistic approach, we channel energy (Shakti) and awareness (Shiva) which interact and can lead to the experience of Spanda  (dynamic divine power that gives life and movement to all that exists.)  Sexual energy is then reintegrated into our vital, creative energy, a source of pleasure and fulfilment.

Meditative massage invites you to a place of silence that calms all mental activity so that the journey from fear to love, from ignorance to knowing can take place guided by the conscious touch of the practitioner which is always free of intention.  You are invited to a moment of surrender.

Meditative massage takes you to a place of intimacy with yourself that language is hard-pressed to render.  Your heart opens, each cell of your body vibrates in ecstasy.   An unlimited field of possibilities becomes manifest.  This massage aims to help you re-appropriate your body, put all the pieces back together, find your innocence and allow life and love to transform you in the present moment.  It’s a wonderful tool for knowing yourself and evolving.

Following an interview and with your consent, the entire body is massaged with respect and tenderness.  The objectives are to remove all shame from pleasure, heal wounds, separate orgasm from climax, accept desire and pleasure without a sexual outcome. This massage retains  its relevance even if certain parts of the body are not touched.


  •     Heal, express yourself, contact your inner power.
  •     Cultivate non-judgement, accept your whole self.
  •     Nurture love for yourself and respect for who you are.
  •     Waken your senses, putting aside received ideas, schemas and internal conflicts.
  •     Be present to your sensitivity, without effort, respecting the vulnerability of all
  •     Share an experience without goals or expectations
  •     Tame desire
  •     Find pleasure, innocence and simplicity
  •     Become creative

Couples can receive a four-hand meditative massage with Joe and Deva.

This massage is strictly non-sexual and does not claim specific therapeutic benefits.  It is a relaxing massage that promotes well-being.


When making an appointment we will give you the adress in Montreal


Couple : 400$


The massage in itself lasts around an hour and 45 min, please plan two hours and 30 min which includes welcoming, brief interview, final sharing and shower.

Information and appointment:

Deva Broncy
Tél. : only mails or Facebook